Phlebotomy Training In Houston, TX

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Phlebotomy training in Houston can be completed with over 200 hours of instruction and clinical training combined at the Houston Community College. One hundred twenty hours are devoted to hands-on training to provide each student the opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge and skills learned in class, which comprise 96 hours. Students are made familiar with drawing blood from a variety of patients that range from infants to the elderly. Much emphasis is given to safety and specimen handling. After completing the program, including the requisite blood draws, one can sit for certification exams administered by various professional bodies. It’s a 16-week phlebotomy program at the Central Texas College. Ten weeks is for basic phlebotomy theory, principles and laboratory classes, while six weeks are devoted to clinicals. Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, CTC prides itself in producing highly qualified graduates more than ready to serve the needs of the healthcare industry.

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