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Phlebotomy Training In Colorado, CO

Phlebotomy training in Colorado is offered at the Phlebotomy Learning Center of Denver, among other places. The facility has constantly upgraded its curriculum and has a team of certified practitioners in their faculty roster. Approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education under its Division of Private Occupational Schools, PLC of Denver has close ties … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In Houston, TX

Phlebotomy training in Houston can be completed with over 200 hours of instruction and clinical training combined at the Houston Community College. One hundred twenty hours are devoted to hands-on training to provide each student the opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge and skills learned in class, which comprise 96 hours. Students are … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In Milwaukee, WI

For phlebotomy training in Milwaukee, check out the one-semester program offered at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. Its emphasis is on skills, theory and practical application. Hands-on experience is at a medical facility. Approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences, the program can also be taken part-time. Aurora Health Care has a … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In NYC, NY

For phlebotomy training in NYC that gives graduates a diploma, the Manhattan Institute is the career school to enroll in. It offers an intensive three-week program that prepares individuals for an in-demand profession in the healthcare sector. As a career school, it is focused on specific skills, providing as much hands-on experience to develop competent … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In Omaha, NE

One phlebotomy training in Omaha is at the Nebraska Methodist College, where students earn the skills and confidence to be qualified professionals in the area of venipuncture. The program is intensive and completed in five weeks. It provides instructional, laboratory and hands-on experience. A total of 60 hours, inclusive of externship will be given to … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In San Diego, CA

Enrol for phlebotomy training in San Diego at the Family Health Services Training Center. The program is approved by the Department of Public Health of the State of California. It includes 40 hours of didactic training and 40 hours of practicals. You will also have 80 hours of hands-on clinical training in an actual healthcare … Continue reading

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