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Phlebotomy Training In Fresno, CA

Get comprehensive phlebotomy training in Fresno from the Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts. The program is all year round and commences every two months. It has 40 hours of classroom instruction, including laboratory experience and another 40 hours for externship that will actually expose students to healthcare settings like hospitals, clinics and laboratories where they … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In Hawaii, HI

Searching for phlebotomy training in Hawaii? The Hawaii Medical Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training, which is recognized by the Department of Education. It offers a phlebotomy certificate within its medical assisting course that runs for 12 months. While not a separate program, graduates will still be eligible to … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In Maine, ME

Phlebotomy training in Maine is offered at the Northeast Technical Institute in both their Scarborough and Bangor campuses. The school is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and provides intensive phlebotomy training in as little as eight weeks, along with EKG training. However, it also offers flexi-training or part-time training if you still need … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In Michigan, MI

Phlebotomy training in Michigan is available at the Phlebotomy Career Training in Garden City. There is another training center in Brownstown. It has built a reputation such that their students will likely have employment waiting for them once they complete the 105-hour program. It includes instructional and laboratory components, plus 40 hours of rotating externship. … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In NYC, NY

For phlebotomy training in NYC that gives graduates a diploma, the Manhattan Institute is the career school to enroll in. It offers an intensive three-week program that prepares individuals for an in-demand profession in the healthcare sector. As a career school, it is focused on specific skills, providing as much hands-on experience to develop competent … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In Rochester, MN

For phlebotomy training in Rochester, you are in good hands at the Mayo School of Health Sciences in Minnesota.. It is a 10-week technician certificate program with a challenging curriculum that provides students with as much hands-on experience as possible. The instructional and clinical components of the program are high quality, with hands-on experience provided … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Training In Seattle, WA

For short-term phlebotomy training in Seattle, there is the North Seattle Community College’s Phlebotomy Short Course in Basic Blood Collection Techniques. It’s a compressed course completed in five weeks during Saturdays for a total of 28 hours. Whether a beginner to supplement healthcare skills or professional assigned to tasks involving blood and specimen collection, you … Continue reading

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