How To Become A Phlebotomist

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phlebotomist 1Welcome prospective phlebotomist! If you’re thinking of becoming a technician whose expertise is drawing blood and collecting them for diagnosis, then you want to know more about this health care job. You’ll find that information right here. What are the prospects, how much you can expect to earn, where to get venipuncture training to become a certified phlebotomist (or certified phlebotomy technician) and for how long, the prerequisites and what skills you need to master to qualify for jobs.

Browse through this site and get most, if not all, of your questions answered. More importantly, we’ll provide you with the sources to find accredited schools and training programs near you. Just type your zip code in the search box and click submit.

The prospects for phlebotomists

We give you a rundown on the phlebotomist job description and provide the guidelines when searching for phlebotomy technician job openings. Remember, the situation is not the same everywhere. But if you’ve got the training and experience, you have a better chance of beating the competition for the job.

We also cover what’s it’s like to be a traveling plebotomist with institutions such as the American Red Cross.

You learn what the phlebotomist duties and responsibilities are and how you can advance yourself later.

Salaries: Range and factors

Pay is a big issue whatever career you pursue. Learn the difference between the average phlebotomist salary and the certified phlebotomist salary. What factors affect the phlebotomist pay? Check our articles and be guided by them. Find out how you can make it a rewarding career for you.

Certification: What it does for you

You’re thinking: is a phlebotomist certification necessary to find a job? Only two states require phlebotomy certification from professionals to be eligible to practice. Everywhere else, it’s voluntary. But if you’re aiming for a hospital or blood bank as employers, it’s best to take and pass that phlebotomist certification test. Who grants the credentials? We have that information, too.

And to ensure you can pass the exam with flying colors, we’ll share tips how to prepare for that it and what else you need to get your foot in the employment door.

Training information

It all boils down to phlebotomist training. How fast can you learn the skills? Who’s got the best program? Did you know there is a workshop conducted by the American Phlebotomy Association for two days that will qualify you for the certification exam? Check out the articles that guide you in terms of length of training and what classes should focus on to give you the best phlebotomy training.

If you’re wondering about phlebotomy training online, we have that covered, too. Is it possible or not? Remember, this is a technician post and you need to master skills.

Classes for mastery

What core subjects should a good phlebotomy training have? If you have prior academic credits for anatomy, physiology and chemistry, you won’t have a difficult time with phlebotomy classes. You’ll learn the five points to master to become an expert at venipuncture.

We also have information on a phlebotomy certification class you can enroll in to prepare for the exam.

Find the right School for you

Finally, this site will help you find the schools where to train. There are a couple around your area but you want to find the one that will suit your budget and help develop your skills within a time frame you set. It’s a simple as typing in your zip code and clicking and you’ll have a place to start.

Check the article that provides guidelines on what to look for in schools, that includes not just tuition but reputation of instructors and quality of graduates. Accreditation is not enough to determine if you’ll get the kind of training you need.

Learn about other ways to get training like the Red Cross or through workshops

After going through our site, we hope it will help you decide what steps to take to begin your phlebotomist career. There are opportunities waiting out there for the skilled professional. And that could just be you.

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