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Phlebotomy Schools

    If you have been thinking about a career in medicine but you aren’t sure you want to spend several years in school just to obtain a degree to work in the medical field, phlebotomy schools may be your road to success. 

    Your instructors will teach you more than just how to take someones blood.  The courses that will train you in phlebotomy will teach you collection techniques along with helping you understand the proper procedures to use in the laboratory.  You will also learn how to handle emergencies and avoid infecting you or others, and how to avoid contamination altogether.

    Phlebotomy colleges offer a nine-month accredited technician program.  They teach you the necessary skills and knowledge so that when you graduate, you will be a competent phlebotomist.

    While attending the course, you will be learning several different subjects whether your courses are at one of the local colleges or online.  The first course, Anatomy & Physiology, is the basic course for anyone entering the medical field.  it will teach you about the circulatory system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, urinary system and muscular and skeletal systems. 

    Another area of study would be cell and blood composition.  Since as a phlebotomist you will be working with blood and blood products, it is important you have a good understanding of how blood and cells can be affected by things like disease and infection. 

    You will learn blood sampling procedures when you attend phlebotomy schools.  They teach you vein puncture and how it is handled differently depending on the age of your patient and their illness.  You will also learn laboratory safety skills.  This means you will learn how to handle lab equipment safely and sufficiently, you will know how to clean up spills properly and focus on keeping your co-workers and yourself free from harm and infection.

    Finally, at phlebotomy schools, you will learn CPR. This is because a lot of things can come up while you are on your job and being prepared is always a good idea.  A CPR certification is one of the best ways to be prepared in the medical field.

    Every school offers so many different types of classes on top of the basics listed above.  You just need to shop around for the right school for you.  Make sure whichever course you choose, you pick a school who allows time for clinicals and learning in a real-time based environment.  Also make sure your school is accredited. 

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